20 things I learnt from my 20s

This list is pretty self-explanatory. What number resonates with you? Let me know in the comments!

1. Take those travel opportunities whenever you can. You are not likely to regret it.

2. Most people are so worried about what they’re doing, that they’re not really noticing what you’re doing.Read More »


Self-talk #2: Would you talk to your friend like that?

This is one I’m trying to focus on at the moment.

I have recently quit my job and left a very stressful situation behind. I have savings to keep me going, but I’ll have to watch my spending as I go forward.

If I hit a low moment, the following thoughts run through my head:

“What an idiot! I can’t believe you have no job. How are you going to cope? What if you can’t get another job? What are you going to do? No one else would get themselves into this situation. You really messed up.”Read More »

100 things to do instead of watching TV

Part of me “moving forward” and getting out of the rut I feel I’m in, involves getting out and trying different things. Not necessarily every night, but once or twice a week if I can.

If I watch TV, I tend to watch about ten episodes in a row – I don’t have much self-discipline when it comes to TV! So I tend not to watch it at all. All or nothing with me!

So here is a list I made, of 100 things to do instead of watching TV or going to a bar. I’ve also created a PDF, in case you want to download and print it off: 100 things to do challengeRead More »

My reason for this blog

Hello 🙂

Here’s the story of why I wanted – or felt I needed – to start this blog.

Over the years I’ve had the same conversation many times with girls (I’m not trying to be sexist, it just has been mainly with girls) that has stuck in my head time and time again.

It involves the conversations where the girl in question would say (in response to something I had done, or she wanted to do):

“Oh I’d love to do that, but I never could.”


“I can’t just go and do X!”Read More »

Stop using the word “should”

I discovered recently that the word should does not help AT ALL. Not one tiny little bit.

I usually say things to myself like:

I really should phone my mum (of course I should – I haven’t spoken to her for ages!)

I really should go to the gym (again – yes, I definitely should. I haven’t worked out for ages, and I’m feeling flabby!)

I really should be more confident/relaxed/caring (yes, I should – everyone else can manage this so why can’t I?!)Read More »

A bit about me


This is my first blog ever post. Welcome!

Here’s a bit of info about the blog…

This is a sort of personal journey – me stumbling along the way to positivity.

One little step at a time.

I’d love you to join me along the way (and then later, there might be workshops too – so if you’re in Vancouver, Canada, I’d love to have you there!)

These are the kinds of things I want to focus on in my blog:

  • How can I “be happier”?
  • Am I chasing an impossible dream?
  • What do I love?
  • What makes me insane with happiness?
  • (And maybe some nice lists, cause I love lists 🙂 )

I’m hoping that as this blog grows and develops, I’ll have learned a bit more about myself, and how I can be the person I want to be – and maybe have helped some other people figure out how they can be the people they want to be.

A little bit more about me to give you some background:

  • I quit my job as an events planner on the cusp of being made director, to focus on/figure out what’s really important to me in life
  • I moved from the UK to Canada three years ago, with a big suitcase and a smile to hide my nerves
  • I’ve dealt with mild depression and major work stress, and I’m now (thankfully) emerging out the other side – like some sort of butterfly… happier and stronger 🙂


That’s all for now.

See you soon!