Something we all need to hear

This is something I think we all need to hear every now and then…


I just wanted you to know something.

You’re okay.

Like, really okay.Read More »


How to be luckier

This is going to be one of those annoying posts where I say How can you do this?, and then tell you that it’s all in your head.

No, I’m serious! I’m afraid it is one of those posts.

But like a lot of things, it really does make a huge difference if you change what’s going on in your head.

I would say that I’m a pretty lucky person. Lucky things happen to me.Read More »

Self-talk #2: Would you talk to your friend like that?

This is one I’m trying to focus on at the moment.

I have recently quit my job and left a very stressful situation behind. I have savings to keep me going, but I’ll have to watch my spending as I go forward.

If I hit a low moment, the following thoughts run through my head:

“What an idiot! I can’t believe you have no job. How are you going to cope? What if you can’t get another job? What are you going to do? No one else would get themselves into this situation. You really messed up.”Read More »

Stop using the word “should”

I discovered recently that the word should does not help AT ALL. Not one tiny little bit.

I usually say things to myself like:

I really should phone my mum (of course I should – I haven’t spoken to her for ages!)

I really should go to the gym (again – yes, I definitely should. I haven’t worked out for ages, and I’m feeling flabby!)

I really should be more confident/relaxed/caring (yes, I should – everyone else can manage this so why can’t I?!)Read More »