Live fully… whatever that means for you

I’ve noticed a few changes in my life over the past six months or so, that aren’t really connected with my journey to positivity (or maybe they are).

They’re more connected with… well, getting old – or getting comfortable, I should say 🙂

I’ve noticed that:

I’m happy to stay in more…

I kind of like going to bed early, because it means I can get up early and start the next day…

and I don’t drink as much anymore, as I like having a clear head.

I know.

“Boring!” some of you might be thinking 🙂

And that’s okay.

I would have thought the same thing a few years ago.Read More »


Does it matter if we’re introverts or extroverts?

I was having a conversation with my friend recently. She turned to me and said, “Oh, you’re an introvert, for sure!”

And I have to admit: I didn’t really like it! :/

My apologies to people who are introverted and love it. (Although most introverts don’t, right?! We’re always making apologies for it!)

But for me, I associate introversion with shyness. Quiet… boring… prefer to stay in and read a book than go out to a party…

I know that’s not exactly what being an introvert means – I know it’s where you get your energy from (internally vs. externally).

But somewhere along the way, I feel like being an extrovert got associated with all the “good” stuff (going to parties! energy! talking! being “brave”!), and being an introvert got associated with all the “bad” stuff, as mentioned above.Read More »

Myths we have been sold

I wanted to write something about challenging your viewpoint. This has been really important for me in terms of growth.

It wasn’t until I was about 25 that I realized a lot of the beliefs I had at that point weren’t actually my beliefs. They were beliefs given to me by my parents, my peers, or society as a whole. Once I realized this, it was quite refreshing. It meant I could look at my whole belief system and reassess what I actually wanted. Put back in the good bits. And get rid of the bits that were doing me no favours.Read More »