Something we all need to hear

This is something I think we all need to hear every now and then…


I just wanted you to know something.

You’re okay.

Like, really okay.Read More »


Are you looking for a happiness “quick-fix”?

One of the things I’ve noticed about this blog is that the most popular posts are the ones about happiness.

(How to be happy, ways to be happier, etc…)

I guess that isn’t surprising.

In a way, that’s what it all comes down to.

Better time management… so you have more time to do things that make you feel happy.

Being more productive… so you have more time to do things that make you happy.Read More »

Things we think are impossible (but are not)

I’m not talking about running a marathon in 2 hours having only run a 5k before, or how you can earn $100,000 just by turning on your computer.

I’m talking about softer things. Things that we really find impossible.

The things that are so tiny and inbuilt, that when you suggest to someone that they start (or stop) doing it, they look at you like you just suggested they cut off their own arm with your nail scissors.Read More »

Those ‘winning the lottery’ dreams won’t make you happy… so what will?

I have some bad news, guys.

Having the awesome life that you dream of (quitting work and living on the beach/winning the lottery/buying a fancy car…) will not make you happier.

It might not even make you happy.20150702_155920

I’m sorry to break it to you.

I know some people live with this dream in mind…

Things would be okay if I could just have a few hundred thousand in the bank, quit my job, and go and do what I actually want to do!

I would be so much happier if I could just live how I wanted to, instead of how everyone else wants me to live!Read More »