10 tiny ways to improve your life

Here are some things I have incorporated into my life – gradually – that are giving me that yippidee-doo, I’m on top of the world! feeling.

Perhaps you’re already doing some of these.

Or maybe you have your own tiny, awesome tips.

(In which case, let me know!)

So, here we are.

In no particular order…

1. A weekly meal plan

Having an (easy) healthy weekly meal plan, and buying groceries for those meals once a week is making life a lot easier. I can’t believe I never did this before. I stock up on perishables every few days when I’m out and about.

2. Pre-made lunches

Making leftovers from dinner that I can have for lunch the day after. I love going to the fridge and pulling out some pre-made yummy lunch. It feels “free” as well 🙂

3. Exercising nearby

I am only now figuring out what exercise I really enjoy, and how far I’m willing to travel to work out (i.e. it has to be pretty much right outside my doorstep for me to do it. That’s the way it is.)

4. Loved ones come first (family and besties)

I’m making an effort to be there first and foremost for the people I really care about in my life, and putting them before other people who might be louder, but not as important to me.

It sounds like common sense, but sometimes we give in to the most demanding people, even if they’re not the ones we want to be with.

5. Stop trying to change other people

Some people (in fact, most people) won’t change until they decide they want to change. Ain’t nothing you can do about it ’til then, so save your energy. You can spend it on the things you really want to do, instead.

Seriously. Let it go.

They are them, and you are you 🙂

6. Do it now, not tomorrow.

I’m sticking to the little mantra stuck on my wall (when I can):


If I say I’ll do something tomorrow, it will likely never happen. Unfortunate fact.

7. Keep track of your hours

Noting down how I spent each hour (yes, of every day) was a real eye-opener. It was shocking to me how much time I wasted.

It’s only seeing it written down that has enabled me to reduce it.

8. Declutter your computer.

Ahhh. This feels so good 🙂

I cleared my computer desktop down to a few essential icons only, and I have a quote as my background that makes me feel awesome and inspired. Right now it’s:

Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.desktop1

Love it! 🙂 Look how clean everything looks!

And while you’re at it, start getting those electronic folders in check too… 😉

9. Not being ruled by email.

I’m trying to check my (personal) emails at specific times of the day, rather than whenever an email comes in. Right now I’m aiming for 12 pm, 4 pm, and 8 pm.

(Note: this does not always happen 🙂 )

Stop being controlled by your email. We’re not that important, and nothing’s that urgent.

They’ll call if it is.

Checking your email in the morning sends your whole day off track.

Try not checking your emails first thing, and see what happens.

I dare you! 😉

10. Paying for everything with cash.

Apart from the major items. Everything else (for my personal use) comes out of the $300 I take out every few weeks.

Sound crazy?


Are you worried you’ll see where your money really goes?! Or that you spend too much to keep track of?

It is a bit scary at first, I agree. And possibly a bit annoying. But that’s the point. It’s so easy (too easy?) to just chuck it on your debit or credit card.

But think about this. That amazing trip abroad that you can’t afford. Can you afford bottles of wine… coffees… drinks out… meals out… snacks…?

That’s not a criticism. But it’s interesting to see what you actually spend your money on (rather than what you think you spend your money on), and how quickly you whizz through the cash.

Oh – and I have to tell you!

The suggestions above don’t always happen for me 🙂

But I LOVE it when they do.

Do you have any tiny life-changers?


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