Simple living – what does it mean to you?

I’m attending a SimpleREV conference soon on simple living (which I’m super excited about).

It got me thinking about what simple living really means for me.

Up ’til now I hadn’t really focused on the question – although I’ve been heading towards it for some time.

Here are some ideas I jotted down about what simple living means for me right now:

  • an uncluttered home… not much “stuff”… keeping only clothes I love
  • my (small) daily rituals: exercise, guided meditation, a comedy program…
  • light packing and travelling
  • “clean” cooking, and baking from scratch
  • no make-up apart from special occasions (this is a recent thing, and has only happened since I left my corporate job)
  • taking time to breathe; minimal stress; savouring
  • eating and drinking healthily (and mindfully)
  • “basic” exercise – no fads or protein shakes (it’s just a personal thing!)
  • keeping in touch with the people who matter
  • reminders of happy memories around or near me (photos, notes…)
  • simple entertainment or activities. I guess by this I mean less TV and mindless internet-surfing – and more useful, creative, or just plain old fun activities

Heart text break 2

So, I wrote my list, and was feeling pretty excited about it.

This is what I want!

This is what I’ve been moving towards (slowly) for the past ten years!

Sometimes without realizing it.

And then I took some time out, and came back to my list.

And suddenly one word popped into my head about what simple living is for me – one word that kind of summed it all up:


Yep – humility.

Now you might be thinking, what does humility have to do with living simply?!

It took me by surprise as well, when this word came into my head so insistently.

But in fact, it has everything to do with simple living 🙂

And for me personally, this strength is one of the most underrated in our lives today.

It’s not “cool” to be humble!

You’re “meant” to show off what you’ve done, not hide it away!

Humble seems so… out of touch, and boring, for a lot of people.

But for me, humility is so… appealing.

And courageous.

And it’s connected to every aspect of simple living.

You can be humble when you reduce the amount of things you own.

You’re basically saying, I don’t need to be defined by these items any more.

I’m not in competition with anyone else over how much “stuff’ I have.

And you can incorporate humility when you travel with two pairs of pants/trousers and a few sweaters, and be happy enjoying the experience, rather than spending two hours deciding what to wear.

As opposed to dragging round your entire wardrobe of day dresses, evening dresses, and 12 pairs of shoes…

(I’ve done both – and I always go “less” rather than “more” now!)

Humility gives you the opportunity to say: I don’t need to take part in this “competition” any more.

I’m okay with not showing off, not needing approval, or shouting about what I’ve just done.

It’s the mindset of: I’m living for me, how I want, and you’re welcome to join me (or not – it’s okay if you don’t want to).

That’s what it means for me, anyway.

Heart text break 2

So there it is – my final list!

I’m sure I’ll add to it, or remove things, or change things as I go along.

But with the aims above, and with a healthy sense of humility, I’m looking forward to carrying on the journey 🙂

So now your turn…

What does living simply mean to you?

PS: I just went to post this on my blog, and the two posts showing up at the top of my reader are:

  • 9 Ways to Make Your Days Simple Again (Marc and Angel), and
  • The Simple Health Plan (Leo Babauta).

Proving that…

Simple is STRONG! 🙂

You can find more about SimpleRev at I’m a big fan 🙂


2 thoughts on “Simple living – what does it mean to you?

  1. Simplicity to me means having enough silence (actual and thought wise) to hear the whisper of my inner voice. I also will be at SimpleRev 2015. We should say hi when we see each other!


    • Hi Michelle – sounds good… I’ll keep an eye out for you and you do the same! 🙂 Ah, silence – such bliss, but so hard to find sometimes! I really notice it when I haven’t been able to take time out just to breathe… See you soon I hope!


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