Things we think are impossible (but are not)

I’m not talking about running a marathon in 2 hours having only run a 5k before, or how you can earn $100,000 just by turning on your computer.

I’m talking about softer things. Things that we really find impossible.

The things that are so tiny and inbuilt, that when you suggest to someone that they start (or stop) doing it, they look at you like you just suggested they cut off their own arm with your nail scissors.

These are some things I am trying to work towards (sometimes unsuccessfully) at the moment:

1. Not moaning or complaining… about anything

2. Not talking about people behind their back

3. Exercising every day

4. Not making excuses

The thing is, all these things are doable, but they are incredibly tough.

Sheesh. Some of them, I just can’t crack.

Let’s look at them in more detail:

1. Not moaning or complaining

Yeah, I’m serious. We don’t really need it.

The funny thing about moaning and complaining is that IT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING.

At all!

You think it makes you feel better – but when was the last time you had a delightful evening of moaning, compared to laughing or talking to inspiring people?! 🙂

Would you rather head towards a group of people complaining… or a group of people talking positively?

I am getting better at this.

I don’t get annoyed if people cut me up in traffic, or if a server isn’t as friendly to me as I think they should be (maybe they’re having a bad day), but I still get worked up about A LOT of things.

The other day I nearly threw my computer across the room like a five-year-old, cause I couldn’t connect to the internet and there was something I really wanted to look up. (Poor me, schnarf…)

So I still have a long way to go 🙂

And I’m not saying we don’t have shit to go through.

But complaining as well as going through the shit, just re-lives it, rather than alleviating it or making it go away.

Try it sometime.

Try not complaining about something.

Maybe just admit to yourself that someone did something that you didn’t like…?

2. Not talking about people behind their back

Geez, this sounds really harsh.

I don’t talk about people behind their backs all the time, I have to add! But I think most of us are guilty of this at some point.

I’d like to get to the stage where what other people do is none of my business (unless it directly affects me – in which case, I can have a conversation with them about it – or that’s the plan!)

But the way someone has decorated their house… or the relationship they have with their partner (for example), is really none of my business… so why would I need to discuss it?

If it’s a friend and I’m concerned about them, I might talk it through with my partner.

But I’d rather the conversations I have be from a place of love, than a place of “I’m bored” or “I’m gossiping”. That’s what I want to move away from.

And we all know when we’re gossiping 🙂

3. Exercising (or doing some form of activity, sport or movement) every day

I don’t know why I find this one so hard!

Well, I do – it’s the time factor. Or I blame it on the time factor.

Or the weather. Geez! The weather in Vancouver seems designed to stop you from working out. It rains for about nine months of the year!

But these are all excuses. I find time for other things – so I can find time to exercise. And not all sport has to be outdoors.

But it’s easier to not do it, than it is to do it… you know?!

So this one is ongoing 🙂

4. Finding excuses for why I haven’t done something

Similar to the above. Sometimes it feels like I have an excuse for everything!

I haven’t done that because… I can’t do that because…

I can always find an excuse.

I’m trying to move to acceptance (I’m not doing it right now. End of.) or at the very least, realizing when I’m making an excuse.

No, I haven’t done “X” – not because I don’t have enough time, or money – I haven’t done “X” because I haven’t made a choice that took me there. And that’s not always a bad thing.

Think about this…

The things above are all quite hard to do.

Nearly impossible, it feels like, sometimes.

Or so we tell ourselves.

But… are they?!

What does “impossible” actually mean – right now?

These are the things I can think of that are actually impossible, right now:

• Living on Jupiter

• Going back in time

• Being in more than one place at once

• Teleportation

These things are all, currently, impossible.

And when I think about them, it makes my list above seem, err… ridiculous!

Not complaining, compared to landing on Jupiter?!

It’s kind of insignificant.

So remember, next time you tell yourself I really want to do this, but it’s just impossible! that you could be kidding yourself.

Protecting yourself, maybe – but probably not being truthful with yourself.

You’ll find a way, if you want to.

I’m not saying it won’t be tough, or you won’t have setbacks.

But it can at least be attempted.

So before you say something’s impossible, think about whether you really mean that.

Or do you mean:

It’s incredibly difficult, and I don’t actually wanna deal with it right now? 😉

Tell me, friends, what else do you tell yourself is “impossible”?


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