A free tool for planning your week

Also known as Getting. Shit. Done!

This is a weekly planner I’ve been using, from Scott Dinsmore’s site. (For those of you who don’t know Scott, he has an TED talk called How to find and do work you love, which is worth checking out if you’re having doubts about your current career path.)

Weekly Planner Toolweekly planner front cover

(It’s about half way down the page.)

I just checked the link, and you do have to put your email address in to get the tool (but you can just unsubscribe straight afterwards if you want to).

I don’t like inboxes that take over your life, so if you don’t need any more newsletters in your life then fair enough.

Or you can read the blog post for some ideas… but for me, the actual planner is the most useful thing.

There are a couple of tweaks needed for the formatting… but you’re clever cookies, you’ll figure it out.

There are short sections on what worked well last week, what your most important tasks are this week, and what days you’ll do them on, etc.

I tweaked the formatting, saved a new version and now I use that for my weekly planning sessions.

Enjoy – and let me know how you get on!


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