Are you taking the easy route?

It’s easier…

  • It’s easier to stay in a job you hate, or mildly dislike, than it is to do the deep soul-searching you know you need to do, to figure out what really sets you alight.
  • It’s easier to blame it on someone else, than admit you might be part of the problem.
  • (I used to tell myself I couldn’t cook, because I wasn’t taught how. Now I realize that is BS!)

  • It’s easier to stay with someone you know isn’t good for you than it is to start over again, be on your own, and take a risk, even though you might meet someone amazing.

  • It’s easier to hang out with the same people, than it is to think about whether they really inspire you, lift you up, and help you become a more awesome person.
  • It’s easier to blame it on lack of time or money, than it is to admit that you’re just prioritizing things that maybe aren’t important. We all have the same 24 hours – how are you spending yours?
  • It’s easier to ignore feelings deep inside, and bury them under shiny nothings – buying things, showing off, telling people how great our lives are, doing things just to look good… They don’t ever fully cancel out the feelings hidden deep inside though.
  • It’s easier to go with what everyone else is doing, rather than question it and risk being the odd one out.
  • It’s easier to stay safe, or in your comfort zone. (But it’s more thrilling to get out of it 🙂 )
  • It’s easier to continue with some kind of bland “things are okay” existence, than question if this is really how it has to be. Sometimes the questions we’re too scared to even think about, are the ones we really should be thinking about.
  • It’s easier to be closed and fake with people, than it is to be open, free, and true. We’re not as vulnerable that way.
  • It’s easier to live in denial, than it is to think about getting therapy or looking into counselling for that issue you know is holding you back.

How do I know?

I know, because I’ve done these things (or some of them). And I probably will in the future as well. These are hard things to look at. But I think we all know it deep down.

Maybe most of them don’t apply to you. But there might be one that rang true, or made you pause.

So here’s one thing I want you to think about…

(For the people who have kids…) Is it easy to have kids? No. But that didn’t put you off doing it, right?

Was your degree easy? Is your job easy? Or if you’re not working, is unemployment easy? No! But you still do these things, right? You get through it somehow… always.

So why are you choosing “easy” now?

Because you’re tired? Because you’re uninspired? Because you don’t think your dreams are valid, and you’re worried someone might laugh at them? Because you’re afraid to be… you?

Tell me this…

If someone gave you a choice of two life paths…

  1. Boring every single day, but easy.
  1. Difficult, but exciting: adventures, rollercoaster, discoveries, tears of joy, tears of sadness, moments of complete fear, moments of complete insanity, moments of joy so overwhelming you can barely breathe, living with love, experiencing loss, bouncing back, opportunities, mistakes, successes, growth, breaking from addiction, living with connection, not feeling alone, being loved.

…which one would you choose?

Yes, I know it’s not that black and white. But while you are keeping things easy, like the statements at the top, you’re also missing out on all the other things you could be letting into your life.

And finally…

I want to leave you with two questions:

  1. Are you living for show – or are you living for yourself?
  1. Does what people think about you matter to you?

If so – why?

Who is more important to you than you?

Who cares about you more than you?

So start showing “you” a bit more respect, and stop deferring to the people who don’t matter as much. It’s not about being rude to people. It’s about following what’s in your heart…always.

Thanks for reading.


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