A free tool for planning your week

Also known as Getting. Shit. Done!

This is a weekly planner I’ve been using, from Scott Dinsmore’s site. (For those of you who don’t know Scott, he has an TED talk called How to find and do work you love, which is worth checking out if you’re having doubts about your current career path.)

Weekly Planner Toolweekly planner front cover

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10 steps to get more time in your week

watchThis post may seem a little drastic.

But I think it has to be. Somewhere along the way, we all went a bit mad! There’s never enough time… we’re too busy to think or feel… we eat while we’re doing something else… we rush around from place to place…


It’s exhausting, and we’re tired.

But we wear it like a badge of honour. The less time you have, the more successful you must be, right? Right…?!

For me, the less time I have, the more stressed I feel – and the more snappy, irritated, on the edge, and not myself I feel. Any of that sound familiar?Read More »

Are you taking the easy route?

It’s easier…

  • It’s easier to stay in a job you hate, or mildly dislike, than it is to do the deep soul-searching you know you need to do, to figure out what really sets you alight.
  • It’s easier to blame it on someone else, than admit you might be part of the problem.
  • (I used to tell myself I couldn’t cook, because I wasn’t taught how. Now I realize that is BS!)

  • It’s easier to stay with someone you know isn’t good for you than it is to start over again, be on your own, and take a risk, even though you might meet someone amazing.

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How to get out your comfort zone, slowly

I heard a couple of different ideas recently about how to get out your comfort zone, and I wanted to talk about what works for me.

The first technique I heard was from the TED talk by Priya Parker on How to Quit Your Life and Reboot. Personally, Priya’s talk didn’t reach out to me – it didn’t give me the “deep life lesson” that I like to get from TED talks (hey, everyone uses them for different things!)

The point Priya makes is that to get out your comfort zone and help yourself grow, you should do things like start singing loudly in a supermarket queue… and carry on singing when everyone looks at you. Or turn the opposite way to everyone else in a crowded elevator, and stay there.  Read More »