Comparing your achievements: why it never works

This post came about after a conversation I had with an ex-colleague yesterday, about the biographies of some new interns in her organization. They’ve done so much! she sighed. I feel so incompetent compared to them!

This post is my response to that 🙂Read More »


Everyone can take two months out of life – yes, really!

man on dock - taking time off

Today marks the end for me of six weeks of not working.

I have loved it!

Oh my goodness.

My closet is cleared out and tidy. My emails are in some semblance of order. I’ve baked and cooked new recipes. I keep the place clean and cook dinners for my boyfriend (go feminism, haha!)Read More »

Use your bad role models for good

I’ve banged on about it before, but I recently left a job I was extremely unhappy in. It was starting to make me depressed, miserable, and not fun to be around.

Don’t worry, this post ends on a positive! 🙂

Anyway, in this job, I had two managers. Let’s call them Christine and Prudence.

Christine and Prudence could be quite difficult to work with, and for. And that’s an understatement.Read More »

How to be luckier

This is going to be one of those annoying posts where I say How can you do this?, and then tell you that it’s all in your head.

No, I’m serious! I’m afraid it is one of those posts.

But like a lot of things, it really does make a huge difference if you change what’s going on in your head.

I would say that I’m a pretty lucky person. Lucky things happen to me.Read More »