Create your work manifesto

Today I thought I’d share my work manifesto. This is what I’m striving for, from now on. It might not happen… but writing it down somehow makes it feel more real, and I feel more accountable to it!

Here we go:

1. I want to take holidays when I choose to, not when I am told I can.

2. I want to start my day when I want to, not when someone else tells me I have to.

3. I don’t want to stay at work until a particular hour on the clock, even though I am no longer being productive, just because someone made up a rule that I have to.

4. I don’t want to watch a sunny day go by from the inside of an office, wishing I could be outside but not being able to do anything about it.

5. I want to be inspired and passionate, not clock-watching the years away, waiting for retirement.

6. I want to be inspired and motivated by people I work with, not dragged down by them.

7. I want to be able to go out for a coffee when I want, or grab some fresh air if I need it, without asking for someone’s permission.

And more…

Below is one of my favourite ever quotes/book excerpts. It’s from Good Work by E. F. Schumacher, and it sums up my feelings perfectly:

I don’t want to join the rat race.
Not be enslaved by machines, bureaucracies, boredom, ugliness.
I don’t want to be a moron, robot, commuter.
I don’t want to become a fragment of a person.

I want to do my own thing.
I want to live (relatively) simply.
I want to deal with people, not masks.
People matter. Nature matters. Beauty matters. Wholeness matters.
I want to be able to care.

(I found this quote in Roman Krznaric’s book, How to Find Fulfilling Work, which is an awesome little book, and I would recommend checking it out if the poem above resonates with you).

Wish me luck on my journey! 🙂

What is your “Work Manifesto”? What are you going to strive for in the future in – or at – your work?


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