100 things to do instead of watching TV

Part of me “moving forward” and getting out of the rut I feel I’m in, involves getting out and trying different things. Not necessarily every night, but once or twice a week if I can.

If I watch TV, I tend to watch about ten episodes in a row – I don’t have much self-discipline when it comes to TV! So I tend not to watch it at all. All or nothing with me!

So here is a list I made, of 100 things to do instead of watching TV or going to a bar. I’ve also created a PDF, in case you want to download and print it off: 100 things to do challenge

1. Go along to an event at a bookstore
2. Sign up for a painting or pottery class
3. Go for a bike ride
4. Go to a spoken word event
5. Get a manicure
6. Have a themed movie marathon – e.g. 3 Patrick Swayze films, 3 films from the 1950s, 3 international films…
7. Take your camera out and go take some great shots (or some stupid pics)… get creative!
8. Swing on a swing
9. Go along to a meet-up group that takes your fancy
10. Leave a gift for a friend (and don’t tell them who it’s from)
11. Buy the most outrageous item you can from a thrift store (and double points if you wear it)
12. Spend some time being still in a church
13. Dress up like a star, put on some sunnies and walk around pretending you are famous
14. Sign up for (and go to!) a running group
15. Go to an arthouse/independent cinema and watch a film you normally wouldn’t choose
16. Go to a make your own wine/beer session
17. Go on a hike in your local area (or further afield)
18. Read your favourite book at the library, or ask your friends for their favourite books, and take some time out from life to read
19. Learn a magic trick well
20. Go to a water park
21. Take a new class – sign language, aerial silks…?
22. Have a clothes swap
23. Hire a car you have always wanted to – Mustang…?! – and set off down the highway!
24. Write a letter (yes, the old-fashioned kind, with ink and paper) to a friend or relative, and mail it
25. Create a photo board (like the cool square ones from Blacks, or somewhere similar)
26. Go ice skating
27. Do an escape room challenge
28. Go to a short story telling evening
29. Create a fort in your home and hang out
30. Take a dance class – jazz, tap, swing, hip hop…?!
31. Rent a “Teach Yourself” book from the library and learn some basic phrases of a new language
32. Splurge and take a boat out on the water for the day (or find a way to be on the water)
33. Have a chess game with someone
34. Have a picnic in the park – cheese, bread, veg and dips, cold cuts, chips…
35. Get a hand or foot paraffin wax treatment from a salon with a friend
36. Have a board game/games night – there are too many different kinds not to find something you secretly like! Cards Against Humanity, if Monopoly ain’t your thing 🙂
37. Knit a scarf
38. Visit an art gallery
39. Try a sport you have never tried before… Fencing? Golf? Dodgeball?
40. Save up and treat yourself (or find a good deal) for a meal at a top restaurant
41. Go to a travel book store and pick your next destination… or browse for future ideas if you can’t afford to go away right now
42. Buy an origami kit and make a little zoo out of tiny paper animals
43. Go to a toy store and walk around remembering what you played with when you were a kid/what you loved
44. Walk down your street, and pick out 10 things you have never, ever noticed before
45. Watch a sports game. Junior levels can be just as fun as the higher levels, if you’re short on cash
46. Go to a burlesque show
47. Join a litter pick in your local area
48. Host a dinner party – either pick a dish you’ve always wanted to cook, or split the courses between friends
49. Go to (or organize) a jam session
50. Go for brunch
51. Visit a zoo or aquarium
52. Go to a comedy night
53. Help a friend out – look after their kids for a few hours, or pick up their groceries
54. Bake a cake!
55. Find some old video games online… Sonic or Paperboy, anyone?
56. Spend a couple of hours curled up reading a magazine
57. Attend a life drawing class (or be a model at one if you’re feeling daring!)
58. Go for a swim, followed by hot tub if there is one
59. Go see a friend with a pet, and spend some time playing with and cuddling the pet
60. Write a poem or a short story. It doesn’t matter how bad it is!
61. Devote some to learning about something you know nothing about. Lesser-known capital cities of the world, the history of a country you don’t know much about…?
62. Create a circuit route in your home – up the stairs, sit ups, tricep dips, planking…
63. Sleep in a tent for the night (preferably outdoors)
64. Buy a science kit and run some experiments/make something weird
65. Dye your hair with your friends
66. Go hit some tennis balls against a wall
67. If you can be somewhere quiet, listen to a guided meditation
68. Make a batch of smoothies or cocktails, and share them round
69. Play cards
70. Have a fondue night
71. Get started on decluttering. Turn out/donate ten things you don’t need or use any more. There’s more than you think in that closet!
72. Make a certificate for someone telling them how awesome they are and why, and present it to them
73. Get your make-up and hair done by a friend who can do those kinds of things. You can provide the wine and macarons. Or – if you’re that friend – have the girls round for a make-up and hair extravaganza!
74. Have a bubble bath filled to the max with bubbles, and blow the bubbles up into the air and all around you (over the bath is probably best – less cleaning up to do)
75. Go watch the races – horses, cars, bikes…
76. Have a game of pitch ‘n’ putt
77. Do a water sport – kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing…?
78. Go on a guided walking tour, ghost tour or bike tour
79. Have a goals planning session – where do you want to be in 1, 5 or 10 years, in terms of work, fitness, or personal development? Then make a list of all the awesome things you’ve done or the achievements you’re proud of, to remind you – and for you to keep adding to
80. Try a new recipe, or ask 5 friends for their favourite recipe, and test them all out
81. Have a Skype chat with a friend abroad, or email a friend you haven’t been in touch with for a while
82. Start learning a musical instrument – no matter how small! Recorder, xylophone…?!
83. Check out some live music in your area
84. Go to a theme park
85. Have a fixing or DIY party… need some painting doing? Invite some friends over, get some drinks going and have some fun while you fix something!
86. Volunteer at a local shelter or charitable organization – don’t use the excuse that it’s too tough to get started. Try a session, and see if you like it!
87. Have some friends round for a pancake fest – get in those different toppings: Nutella and banana, berries and crème fraiche, lemon and sugar…? Or make a batch of different flavoured cookies
88. Go ziplining or do a treetop walk
89. Take a new form of “transport” – rollerblading, skateboarding, Segway…
90. Karaoke with friends/family
91. Draw a picture. It doesn’t have to be good – it’s just for you
92. Do an online quiz. I love Jetpunk. I just learned all the U.S. states though it. (Pointless – but I always wanted to know them…)
93. Plan a big event – a themed party, parachute jump…?!
94. Take some time just for you in a coffee shop or a bar – you and a book/music/people watching
95. Get that bucket list written. Where to start?!
96. Visit a local garden for some tranquility and nature
97. Do nothing! Sit, and be. And don’t feel bad about it!
98. Go to a tea ceremony
99. See what your local charity needs help with – donations, admin help?
100. A butterfly or bird sanctuary – they tend to be more used to humans there, so if you’ve got a decent camera you can get some pretty cool shots

(Of course, some of the above will depend on how big your town is and where you live.)

What have I missed?! What would you add to this list? Let me know!

Happy adventuring!


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